Play, Earn, Repeat

At PepeMiner, we believe in rewarding players for their time and effort. Hence, every game you play earns you valuable meme tokens. The more you play, the more you earn. This isn't just gaming, it's an way of earning.

Mine Tokens, Have Fun

We've gamified everything, making PepeMiner enjoyable and rewarding at the same time. Gain tokens as you navigate through our game, increasing your earnings while enjoying the gameplay.

Join, Connect, Grow

We are more than a game. We are a community. PepeMiner brings together players from around the world to connect, collaborate, and grow. Join us and become a part of the future of gaming.


Deploy your digital miners and watch them convert effort into rewards. Mines are not just game levels, they're your route to success in the crypto gaming world. Be strategic, consistent, and watch your digital wealth grow. This is more than gaming; this is your pathway to becoming a successful crypto miner.


Purchase new miners and unveil their potential, each level up escalates their earnings. The Tavern is a pivotal part of our platform, a place where careful investment meets growth. It's where planning and strategy translate into more miners, leading to a heavier purse of meme tokens.


Coming soon - Clans! Why mine alone, and not mine with others! join with with friends on the blockchain and mine together, you will get more rewards and participate in special clan events!


Coming soon - Events! While mining might be very fun, sometimes it can be abit, monotonous.. Every now and then we will announce Events on Telegram and Twitter, at the events you will make greater rewards!


Total Supply:
A fixed supply of 100,000,000 PepeMiner tokens.

70% to players via Play 2 Earn, 2.5% for development and marketing, 2.5% reserved for partnerships and exchange listings, and 25% for liquidity pool.

Earn PepeMiner tokens based on your gameplay level and time spent playing.


Phase 1: Token Launch

Lock of Liquidity pool

Stealth launch of token

Initial Call Group Marketing Push

Launch of P2E Game

Phase 2: Community Building & Major listings (CMC, CG)

Extended marketing push

Coingecko Fast-track listing

Coin Market Cap Fast-track listing

Community shilling competitions (ETH Rewards)

Phase 3: CEX Listings & Community giveback

Community reward competition - 20 ETH

Listing on top 100 Volume CEX

Listing on top 50 Volume CEX

Listing on top 10 Volume CEX